What steps have been taken to make the gym COVID-19 safe?

Your safety is our main concern. In light of the recent COVID crisis, we’ve put together a full-proof plan to protect our members as much as possible.

One-Way System

We now have a separate exit and entrance to the gym.

Members will queue up outside the front of the building before their class.

The entrance is through the front door on Camden Street, and the exit will be through the shutters.

Upon entering, everyone must clean their hands properly before stepping onto the gym floor. We’ll have the bathroom doors propped open to make it as easy as possible.

If members are early for their class, they will wait in the clubhouse above the changing rooms.

This one-way system is being put in place to limit the amount of contact people have with one another.

Gym Floor Restructure

The gym is now split into three separate areas:

  • back and biceps
  • chest, shoulders and triceps.
  • legs

Each class will be split into three separate groups each week. Each group will use a different area of the gym on Monday/Wednesday/Friday to get a great full-body workout as per usual.

We’ve lowered the maximum number of members in a class to 30, so we all have plenty of space. Each group within the class will be a max of 10 people, and these groups will be changed at the end of the week.

Cardio Change-Up

We won’t be doing any boxing for the foreseeable future.

We encourage all members to bring their own mat to exercise on for cardio days, to ensure your comfort and safety.

So Fresh So Clean

We’ve got A LOT of cleaning products for members to use while training at the gym.

We’re increasing the time between rounds to give everybody the necessary time to wipe down their stations/ equipment — and we have cleaning stations set up around the gym.

At the end of each class, we ask that our members clean the last piece of equipment that they used. This is so we can keep the length of classes as long as possible, so everyone is still able to get a full and proper session.

Of course, we’re making a huge effort as staff to thoroughly clean the gym as often as possible. Before the start of the evening classes, we’ll give the gym a complete clean too.

Please come to the gym dressed ready to train in order to avoid unnecessary time spent in the changing rooms.

Showers are currently off-limits for the time being. Please shower at home!

If you have any other questions about the gym or what we’re doing to protect our members from COVID, contact us.


joining the pit gym

Am i allowed to visit the gym before i join?

Unfortunately, as we’re a closed facility, we don’t allow non-members to visit The Pit Gym. We have plenty of videos and photos of our premises on our Instagram though, so you can give us a stalk on there if you’re eager to see what we’re up to.

How do i apply to join the pit gym?

Whether you want to train one-on-one with our Personal Trainers, or you want to jump in with our amazing group classes, you’ll find all the links you need on the ‘Apply Now‘ section of our website.

How much does the transformation programme cost?

We don’t publicly disclose the cost of our programme.

We’re a private, application only facility and we have a waiting list of people wanting to join us. First, we need to make sure that you’re committed and are dedicated to getting results.

After filling out your application, we’ll contact you for a free strategy call where we will run through the details of the programme.

How do I book personal training sessions?

every one who trains at the pit needs to fill out an application before they walk through the doors. if you’re interested click here and we’ll be in touch when we have spaces available.

general info

Can I still train with you if I’m vegetarian/ vegan?

You sure can. We have a whole bunch of members who are vegetarian, vegan or have other specific dietary requirements.

There are plenty of ways you can still consume the correct style and amount of nutrition from your diet & we’ll work with you to provide it!

Where is the pit gym located?

You’ll find The PIT Gym in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham. We’re a 10-minute walk from Jewellery Quarter Station; New Street & Snow Hill are both around 15-minutes away by foot. If you’re a tram user, then the nearest stop is Nelson Street and you can be at The PIT in just three-minutes. For drivers, we have onsite parking for our clients.

Our address is 66 Camden Street, B1 3DP.

How do i contact the gym?

Head to the ‘contact section of the website to send us a message. We regularly check our Facebook & Instagram DMs but it’s more for banter than business…


What class times do The PIT Gym offer?

Depending on your schedule, and when you prefer to work out, we have a bunch of different times that’ll work for you in our group classes at The PIT.

We currently offer six different time slots; when you sign up for the Transformation Programme, you’ll be assigned one of these times, which you’ll attend five times each week (Monday through Friday).







How will I know what food I should be eating?

When accepted onto our body transformation programme, you’ll be given a simple, personalised diet plan that delivers the exact style of nutrition you need in order to achieve your goals. Our huge list of ingredients allows you to mix and match items for your meals, and your day’s worth of food is calorie counted.

The weight required for all of your meals is laid out clearly, making the process of preparing and eating your meals as simple as possible.


What happens after the 12-week programme ends?

We have a huge number of people who want to stay on at The PIT after achieving what they set out to do by the end of their 12-week programme.

Many members want to continue training with us as part of our exclusive PITGANG, and build on the results they’ve worked so hard to achieve, by staying on for multiple cycles or, in many cases, multiple years.

If you decide you’d like to stay, and we feel like you’re both a good fit for the gym, and embody the lifestyle that we cherish, then you’ll be invited to carry on under a rolling monthly contract.

All that we ask of our long standing members is that they give us 30-days notice before taking the decision to leave.


The PIT is officially the Best Gym in the Midlands and Wales at the 2021 National Fitness Awards.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Kieran has been documented by the likes of BBC Three, The Daily Mail, Unilad and MTV. In 2021 he was voted MBCC's Most Inspirational Person of the Year & Businessman of the Year at the Birmingham Awards. His story continues to inspire those who hope for a better life.     

With over 2,000 body transformations, The PIT Gym prides itself on its reputation as the best body transformation facility in Birmingham. Our members become part of what we call #PitGang, and our team of passionate and experienced coaches work with people to better their bodies and move towards becoming the best possible version of themselves.


  • 5 group sessions per week – 3 weights + 2 cardio sessions.
  • At least 3 trainers in each each class.
  • Assigned gym partner to guarantee you never work alone.
  • Tailored nutrition plan specific to you and your goals.
  • Online network with 220+ members to talk and motivate one another.
  • Weekly weigh-ins and advice to continue developing.
  • Constant accountability to keep you on track.
  • 24-hour help and support via text and email.
  • Extra programmes for when you can’t make it to the gym.
  • 100% record of inspiring results.