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What steps have been taken to make the gym COVID-19 safe?

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Your safety is our main concern. In light of the recent COVID crisis, we've put together a full-proof plan to protect our members as much as possible.

One-Way System

We now have a separate exit and entrance to the gym.

Members will queue up outside the front of the building before their class.

The entrance is through the front door on Camden Street, and the exit will be through the shutters.

Upon entering, everyone must clean their hands properly before stepping onto the gym floor. We’ll have the bathroom doors propped open to make it as easy as possible.

If members are early for their class, they will wait in the clubhouse above the changing rooms.

This one-way system is being put in place to limit the amount of contact people have with one another.

Gym Floor Restructure

The gym is now split into three separate areas:

  • back and biceps
  • chest, shoulders and triceps.
  • legs

Each class will be split into three separate groups each week. Each group will use a different area of the gym on Monday/Wednesday/Friday to get a great full-body workout as per usual.

We've lowered the maximum number of members in a class to 30, so we all have plenty of space. Each group within the class will be a max of 10 people, and these groups will be changed at the end of the week.

Cardio Change-Up

We won't be doing any boxing for the foreseeable future.

We encourage all members to bring their own mat to exercise on for cardio days, to ensure your comfort and safety.

So Fresh So Clean

We've got A LOT of cleaning products for members to use while training at the gym.

We're increasing the time between rounds to give everybody the necessary time to wipe down their stations/ equipment -- and we have cleaning stations set up around the gym.

At the end of each class, we ask that our members clean the last piece of equipment that they used. This is so we can keep the length of classes as long as possible, so everyone is still able to get a full and proper session.

Of course, we're making a huge effort as staff to thoroughly clean the gym as often as possible. Before the start of the evening classes, we'll give the gym a complete clean too.

Please come to the gym dressed ready to train in order to avoid unnecessary time spent in the changing rooms.

Showers are currently off-limits for the time being. Please shower at home!

If you have any other questions about the gym or what we're doing to protect our members from COVID, contact us.

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